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December 20, 2008



So sorry to read this. I only discovered this club recently and have been waiting for the $AU to go up a bit so I could purchase one (it was just too cost prohibitive at the moment - if only I'd found you six months ago!)
Hopefully something in your sale will be affordable after conversion and I can get a taste before you disappear. Good luck with your future ventures!


so. bummed.

but the best of luck in your new venture! it will be incredible with both you and elsie - can't wait to see the new site up and running!


you gals have been so much fun to work with and are such a talented bunch of ladies. if i get to work with you in the future, awesome!!!! Thank you for all your support and best of luck. =)

Heather V

So sad to hear this but I am soooooo happy for you guys!

Good luck with the new business. I am sure you guys are going to ROCK IT!!! I cannot wait to see what comes of Red Velvet Art!!! The only thing I am bummed about is that I don't live closer! :(

Thank you for the RVKC...you know how addicted i've been to your kits! They will be missed!!

Hugs and Happy Holidays!!
Heather V {Wenhether} !!


When one door closes, another one opens. Although I'm sad to see you talented gals let go of the kit club (will miss the inspiration sooo much!), I am also looking forward to what you gals will be doing with Elsie! How exciting! Good luck and Merry Christmas! =)

Nina from the Philippines

Diane B.

I'm sad to see your kit club go but this exciting pairing with Elsie sounds amazing! Good luck to you both in what I'm sure will be a very successful crafty venture!


Sad for me, happy for you. :) Can't wait to see what you have in store!


i remember how excited i was to get that very first kit. i'm sure every venture, including your new one, will be a great success! good luck, rachel!

lizzie - texas city, tx

i adore these kits so much... i only got to get one! i'll have to hit up the store in jan lol
but i love craft kits... i'm sure they will be amazing!!

kerry lynn

sad & excited for you at the same time,
but i know you and elsie will be marvelous
cannot wait to see {& purchase} the new craft kits!


So sad to read as I just subscribed, but happy for you at the same time and looking forward to whats sure to be something else really amazing.

Danielle Q

I totally get this... but am also a bit sad about not having your kits to tempt me! Though shipping down under meant I couldn't often afford them, I was always thrilled when I did get one, your collections are so inspiring.

I'm sure you will relish the change and new creative opportunities - have fun with it, and good luck :)


Oh best of luck:) The new adventure seems grand:)


So bummed. I wish you well in your new business!

Yay for fun new opportunities!

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