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April 02, 2008


Heather V

OMG, I love all of these bags! It was hard to pick one!

My favorite indulgence is the little Dove chocolates in my scrap area (and my Red Velvet KIT habit)!! LOL

sandrine alias Didine

The fabrics you proposed are really gorgeous ;-) If I would have to confess my favorite indulgence it is to relish my hot cappuccino while I'm sitting at my desk in my sewingroom thinking about wich fabrics too choose for my new projects ahaahahahhaha ! And the luxury for my mind is to taste new chocolate sweets with it ! Smooches from Belgium ! PS: I adore your kits !!!!

Meghan E

My favorite indulgence is greek olives. I will pay just about anything for yummy greek olives :)

In the scrapbooking world its Thickers!

sue brown

Gorgeous kit and fabrics, my favourite indulgence would have to be curling up in front of our fire in my pjs and fluffy slippers with a cup of hot chocolate and a great novel. With 3 kids it doesn't happen very often at all, but I do dream.


Hi.. love the kit this month! awesome! my favourite indulgence is.. a good cup of nestle cappuccino my grandma sents me in the packages all the time. and cause they are limited they are something special to me and a big indulgence.

mandy ford

Love this paper kit! If I wasn't saving up money for our twin boys' arrival I would have already snatched one up! My favorite indulgence would have to be a vanilla latte. :)


My favorite indulgence is a bubble bath and a glass of wine. I don't get that very often considering I have 2 little girls that keep me on my toes!

Love the new kit!


Favorite indulgence...easy...a Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Blended Creme Frappucino w/ whipped cream. It's the whipped cream that really drives home the indulgence part...



I'm sure lots of people are going to say this...but chocolate! It varies with the holiday though. I love Cadbury Mini Eggs and Creme eggs this time of year. Christmas I love Chocolate Oranges and Dove. Valentine's is Dove too. Halloween I steal all my boys' Milky Way minis.

The rest of the year it just depends what I'm in the mood for. :)


My two fave indulgences right now are mocha fraps at starbucks in the afternoon- like a nice snack- I also love the new chunky strawberry flaver at jamba juice YUM- the paper kit looks soo nice - I think I am going to snag one this month!

Tina Aszmus

fav indulgence? I have many :) one would be an US Weekly mag, Cadbury milk chocolate bar, and a pair flats and shirt from Old Navy.


the kits look awesome, yet again! can't wait til it comes! indulgence? hands down...sushi

danielle stussy

my favorite indulgence are ice cubes. they are these little chocolate cubes, so yummy! and i can never find them! they'll have them at one place and then sell out and never get more! lovely kit this month! <3


My favorite indulgence? Call me old fashioned, but I enjoy:
American Idol. Baggy sweatpants. Drinking a beer poored in a big wine glass. White cheddar. Done.

Stephanie Baxter

Favourite indulgence would have to be a chocolate fondue...marshmallows, waffles, etc. dipped in yummy yummy chocolate...mmmmm!

Tagnia Clark

massages and pedicures. Nothing like a little personal indulgence


oh, no way you're sold out already!!! it's only 11am in california (5pm here in england!) haha. just got home from school =/ looks like subscription for me, haha.

okay. my favourite indulgence has got to be warm chocolate chip cookies and milk, but if we are talking art- a vintage 120 colour film!!!


Ohhh. Lovin' the kit this month.
My favorite indulgance would be a tie between an hour long massage or going to my local scrapbook store and scrapbooking the night away. It is hard to find time to be away from being the mom, wife, friend, etc. When I go crop, it is only me and time for me. Love it!!

Jen Renee

WOW, it's so PRETTY!!!! :D
(so excited)

Food indulgence: donuts

Scrap indulgence: hambly, baby

Lauren Z

Happy 1st birthday (a month early!)
mmmmm..... my fave huh?

It is either a pint of Ben and Jerry's "Phish Food" Ice cream all to myself,(that I don't have to share with the boy!) or a pedicure on a nice warm summer day. Both are relaxing, and not somthing that I get to indulgue on more than once or twice a year :)


Two favorite indulgences here,

Personal --A grande Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks

Scrappy --going into the LSS or online and just ordering without the guilt!

--I think I might have to try these two together and real feel the high!! :)

Beautiful stuff this month, so sad I was too late!


Lovely lovelies this month!!

My favorite indulgence is chocolate chip cheese ball with graham crackers--it is a crop favorite and I can't get enough of it. A close second is a honey latte from Starbucks :) Ooooh, how about both together? YUM!

My scrap related indulgence is TIME--I never make enough time to scrapbook!


My indulgence is...
Choc. Chip Cookie Dough Concrete Mixer from Culvers. Once in awhile Ill get a craving for one and have to run to my local Culvers, good thing its just down the road!


My indulgence? RVKC Paper Kits! I ♥ them!

Trina Chang

My favorite indulgence by far is sleeping in. I never seem have enough time to sleep so just getting an extra hour is a pure indulgence.

The kit this month looks amazing!

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