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October 30, 2010


This is so great. I hope it went well!

Congratulations on the Grand Opening! Wish I was closer so I could visit the shop. It looks awesome.

~ Jennifer

love the picture on top!

Oh boy! After seeing this post it's so sad to live in the Uk! T__T
Good luck with you shop anyway!

I honestly would love to check your place and will for sure try to....All the best to you

Your shop window looks awesome!

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yay! i'm visiting my family this weekend in springfield and will definitely be stopping by. i was there in december hoping to make it there but that was when you were in between stores, i'm so happy that i'll be able to visit this weekend!

oh crap, i just looked at the date of the post---duh!!!

These are very interesting stuffs. I love the cupcakes, they look really yummy :)

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Your blog is great. I want to become a friend with you. Whether can?

Ich würde gerne so etwas, wenn ich hatte für meine beiden Kinder haben - was für ein besonderer Moment, er ist gefangen, die Sie beide Schatz für immer). Tolle Neuigkeiten - Hooray!

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