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September 17, 2010


I want this yarn so so so badly, but I'm guessing it's gone! The pretty Zaka link isn't working either. Is there another link i can find this or her shop! The yarn is to die for!

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Paint can openers, those little metal keys (you do use one, don't you?) are notorious for getting lost in the shuffle.

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Jokeraider at McAfee ColiseumThe Raiders home opener at Coliseum was to take place on Monday Night Football beginning at 7:15pm local time. So as soon as we could prepare our Raider garb, which for me meant transforming myself into the JOkeRaiDer, my fraternity brother Marion and I headed to the parking lot to experience the shock and awe of Raider Nation ...and we were not disappointed. Our tailgating celebration began at 1:00pm and the parking lot was already alive with Raider fans that were well into multiple servings of their beverage of choice.

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