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August 28, 2010


love the narwhal design most! super cute!

I love the owl! Hoot!

i am crushing on fabric necklaces.
I bought a fancy owl brooch with a big purple stone belly from goodwill, took off the pin, strung it on some frayed seafoam green fabric and set two beads at the base and tied it on! necklace accomplished! super-cute,soft,quirky goodness in a flash!

Da fragt man sich beim groben Durchlesen ja schon, ob man doof war. Danke für Ihre Erklärungen

Everything you would expect from the mighty Raider Nation ... beer bongs, swilling contests, beer pong, and that certain unmistakable odor characterizing the "free love" generation are all well represented. The west side of the stadium appeared to be the more family friendly area A pic with Raider Nation(if that's possible), while the east side had it's own certain charms reserved for more seasoned individuals. Marion and I immediately took to the lot to mingle with some of Raider Nation's finest and find out what they had cooking. As always, a plethora of fantastic meats were being set to flame as is the tradition that harkens back to man's cave dwelling days and Raider fans have it down to a science. Homemade pig roasters, Raider Trailers and RV's littered the south side of the lot as the pros setup shop. We even popped in on NFL Super fan and Hall of Famer "Kingsford Kirk" escorted by the esteemed commissioner of Tailgating himself, Mr. Joe Cahn.

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