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November 14, 2009


lovely!!! I've had great fun with the tutorial as well. I've already created 2 - one for myself and 1 for my friend who saw mine and wanted one. I love tutorials - they always inspire me to create.

super cute Emma! I also fell in love with this tutorial when I saw it. I need to try it soon. It looks so good on youuu! xo

It looks lovely! It's on my to-make list :)


Chad Johnston here... My sister has a crafty page you ought to check out. I think you two could be remote compatriots, although she lives in Arizona so she is technically closer to you than me.

I also have my own blog for the progress on my book. I just started it recently and have been enjoying it.

Hope you are well. I like the page very much. I am going to send the wife to check it out as well. Peace to you and yours.

- Chad

I might have to try that .. not really sure how it would look .. I will do it over the weekend .. ;o)

oh cute!
i loved this... still have yet to try it. was it pretty easy? looks great!

okay seriously - both you and ruby look AMAZING with these little headbands. i just need to know this: HOW DO YOU DO IT!? i am not super girly, so i have no clue what to do with my hair to make it look cute like this! ;) do you just throw it in a ponytail and then put on the headband?

Love the headband!

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