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October 16, 2009


ooh ooh. i love this rug.
no wayyy i could make it though.

It's like your crocheted brooches. Only HUGE.


love. i want to make one of each.

hi! wow! thanks for posting about my hex tee!! a very good friend of mine just skyped me about this post! i love my tee very much and after a wash the teeny hexes got all it's like wearing a mini quilt. it's not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. making hexes is addicting and totally a TV craft.

i <3 the t-shirt. what a great idea!

LOVE the Mum salvaged all of our old Jeans one year and made one of these mats for my bathroom...I loved it!
I would adore a blanket like that...the photo of the baby is darling!
Have a fun weekend...not that you guys ever DON'T!

pear and raspberry mini pies :

The shirt is so nice!

My To-Make list:
- lots of granny squares,
- finish my knitted green cardi,
- layouts for my son and daughter's album,
- the projects from the Autumn Class,
- a quilt,
-.......and the list goes on and on! ;)

Love the whole post! And how cool is your nailpolish in the post below?

Love that knitted blanket with the baby....when you knit those square/rectangles are you keeping them seperated until you have enough to piece together and then using the matressing method?

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I'm very excited to see that the hoodies come in curvy sizes. I love your style but unfortunately can't pull it off due to size issues.

That last one is perfection!!

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