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September 30, 2009


great update :)

for photos, i'd love to see you all working... :D like elsie painting or scrapbooking, rachel sewing or crocheting, silje knitting and emma scrapbooking or something and holly stitching?! and if LA is available: sort of managing everything on her macbook or crafting with buttons or making a minibook xD don't know, i just have this in mind because i am always thrilled by pictures of working people.

also i had this idea of taking paper-dolls pictures. but in real-life. like lying on the floor, surrounded by the pretty things that belong to everyone and then take the picture. would be so cool to add the paperstraps to every piece then.

ok, i'm a little crazy, but i would definitely love to see that xD

lusting...for sure.

Can't wait to see Emma and Holly for our RVA girls weekend! It's been too long!

what about some fun halloween shoots? also is silje still part of rva?

you girls could do a mad men like shoot!:) gotta love those dresses!!! have fun!:)

the madmen idea sounds fun!

Music, food, drink (non-alcoholic of course!) and lots of creativity will be served up on a large platter throughout the day. This event is turning into one of the many highlights of my time at Penguin, because it will be a day when I will apply all my new skills.

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