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September 12, 2009


I got this super old crochet book from my grandma! It has all sorts of 60's and 70's style crocheted goodies. Hats, bags, headbands and such. I want to make everyting in it! :-)

oh! You hit my button! I LOVVVVVVVVVE craft books, but favs are of course, sewing & knitting since those are my favorite crafts. My all-time best buy? Sewing with a French Twist--it is the Anthropologie of sewing books!!
and knitting--Vintage Baby Knits SO cute
Sarah M

hehehe I already got my first ever book of craft!! .... the martha Steward.. i ordered via amazon.. anddd love it!!! ... im working on doing EVERYTHING!!... because all is sooo beautifulll!!! =)

Emma, I totally just checked out the same Martha Stewart book and the Crochetting School book from the library last week. How funny. I am going to try glass etching too, I want to try the bubbles one. We should compare notes once you finish some of the crafts, I have many pages marked in the book! Have a beautiful Week!


I love the Martha one. There are some super neat crafts in it. I also like "Craftopia"

I love the "American Girl" series and also Klutz Books. I'm a kid at heart!!!

BTW - who would I contact about scheduling a Girl Scout Craft Day at Red Velvet?

most recently, my fav craft book is "Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings" by Kelly Rae Roberts. It's absolutely amazing...not just for the info shae shares on her craft, but for the soul-lifting that's abundant throughout the entire book! i definitely wholeheartedly recommend it!

love + luck + bliss

EMMA! I had Brett check out the Martha Stewart craft book for me last month and thought of a fun idea for etched glass designs for the shop.

Next time I have a spare moment, right?

Thanks for the craft book love!

OMG I have that martha book and LOVE it! Other than that, no books, just blogs I am addicted to with great ideas... such as iDiY and My Mama Made it

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