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July 29, 2009


Nice :)

Girls your collections are very beautiful and fun to look at. The boy with the mustache photo really makes me smile.

You girls are very artistic. You always have very unique ideas to create something beautiful.

Love the update, will be visitng the shop when I get a moment and hoping something will still be there for me to purchase. Love Sebastin in that photo. Too cute. You are crazy busy Elsie and I'm so happy for you.

That little mustache guy is adorable!!!
Also, I am looooooving the button headband... brilliant! :)

I love those daisies and the little kids mustaches are adorable. They are sure to be a big hit, especially at Halloween.

another class?!?! WAHOOOOO! :D

can't wait to see sneak peeks!


photo challenges and journal prompts!!!:) those were my favorite from the other classes! can't wait for the new one!

I LOVE your headband. I may have to get it, as it is my wedding color (6 weeks away!!) ^_^

Thanks for sharing your wonderful craft!

wow! this is very cute! did you did you ship worldwide?

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