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May 15, 2009


thats cool!!! I've been enjoying the Captain Crunch.

Great post.
I love hearing what other ppl drink.
I'm presently a Grande soy, 2 pump peppermint latte with (light whip- if i'm feeling sassy).

omg please update us often on celeb drinks. that just mad emy day!!!!!

i have a bunch- but mainly my blog's namesake-
an icedgrandesoylatte

and i LOVE sbuck's oatmeal!!! love love love. with brownsugar. omg amazing.

My fiance actually works at starbucks too <3

I am loving a caramel syrup chai frap with caramel in the cup, also love the captain crunch

As a coffee addict I have too many favorites to name but a couple top choices are the good old fashioned Mocha Frappaccinios (no whip) I was a long time fan of the Mocha Valencia and I'm really getting into the Green Tea Fraps so yummy!

I am normally a "Renee Zellweger" but lately I have really been into the tea lattes so my new fave is a grande, non-fat, 3 pump, sugar-free, London Fog latte... mmmmmmm... it's like a warm, soothing cup of yumminess.

I love the Caramel Macchiato! I wish they had named it something different though... at hometown coffeehouses, caramel macchiato means double shot of espresso with foam and caramel... not exactly the vanilla hazelnut caramel latte most people are expecting! My favorite local coffee shop compromised by naming a drink a "Not a Macchiato".

Thanks for sharing! That was really interesting!

I wish wish wish I was a coffee girl *sigh* I love the culture around coffee...
But I still love Starbucks... mines is a grande double chocolate chip frappacino no whip... YUMMO.
I have to travel 35mins to get to my nearest Starbucks so it becomes part of every day out to the big smoke... gettin one today ;)

this is such a fun post. i want to just sit and people watch in the starbucks he works at!! awesome!
i am boring since i am not a coffee drinker.
i do venti shaken green ice tea, unsweet. i love the mint taste and then sometimes the vanilla creme frap.

your car is totally awesome!

I usually get a grande, non-fat, hazelnut or peppermint mocha.

Sometimes I get a grande, non-fat, vanilla latte.

And if I am splurging, I get a venti double blended green tea frap. yum!

I've heard if you get a strawberries and cream frab and add toffee nut it takes like captain crunch crunch berries. is that true? i want to try but am afraid. haha.

I have so many vanilla rooibos tea latte....iced sub white mocha caramel macchiato....or black tea lemonade...but it changes weekly...or daily depending on my mood. Heehee. I also work at a Starbucks. So I totally understand the obsession! Lol. Great post! Love seeing what the celebrities drink! :)

My fave is definitely the caramel apple spice...yummy!

<3 B

Chai Latte for me :)

I flip-flop, but right now am a London-fog latte and am loving it! I know I am showing all of my forty years, but I was one of the first employees at Starbucks when it was just a little coffee shop at Pike's Place Market . . . the only real choice of drink was the milk. Also the cup sizes were much smaller- oh how times have changed! My six-year old has had his favorite drink for years now and he also tells the barista how many degree's hot he would like his steamed soy vanilla steamer . . . it was okay when we lived in Seattle, but in a small Upstate NY town it seems a little silly!

grande, iced, non-fat, white mocha! mmm! and if adrien brody came in a coffee shop i worked at...i'd have trouble getting his order right! hahaha. how fun to see cool people at your job!

Right now my fave is a halzelnut breve latte Not too hot pleeeeeze!!

cinnamon dolce soy chai.

I love grande rasperberry white mocha, sometimes whip, depends on my mood. My two other fav's are shaken green tea with apple juice and sweetner and the green tea frap

I just wish we *had* a Starbucks around here!! ;) Drink one for me! :)

Thats SO cool!!! I'm a Starbucks junkie for sure ... currently I'm hooked on an iced, grande, non fat, chai tea latte, with 2 pumps mocha added. Its YUM!!! :]

Hey ! i like your blog !
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cheers !

Grande Soy Vanilla latte, iced of it's hot out : )

FYI: The Starbucks oatmeal is Quaker Instant Oats. Yup - just like the oats you can find in a box at the grocery store.....

My Faves:
1. Double, tall, Caramel Macchiato in a FOR HERE mug.
2. Grande Caramel Frappacino, no whip.
3. Iced, grande, sweetened Passion Tea Lemonade, extra Lemonade.


My favorite is the green tea!!!!!

It's a wonderful idea to take the world in your hands!!! You have to find your own way to see all the positive things.

I'm addicted to espresso and this has brought me problems insommio

My favorite drink is coffee,all types of coffee there.

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