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January 13, 2009


i am SO asking for the craft weekend for my birthday! YAY! fun fun fun! good luck, girls!

I will definitely be seeing you lovely ladies on February 6th. My boyfriend and I are road tripping it to Springfield. Also, I will be definitely signing up for the online class and since the weekend is right next to my birthday, I think that I will definitely have to be there for that too!!! When can we start signing up. i am ready :)

yayyyy!!! :D

sounds so cool that i wish i lived there - also, very excited about the class!

I can't wait for the new online class from you and Rachel! That will be so much fun!!! And I REALLY can't wait for the craft weekend!!!! I'm definitely going to try and make that weekend for my road trip to Springfield!!! Yay! I'm already excited! So wonderful to have something like this to look forward to! :) Good luck February 1st!!! I hope everything goes sooo smoothly without ANY problems for you girls!!!
xoxo -j

What is the closest airport to Springfield? I would love to go for the craft weekend, I will just have to plan ahead since I live in Los Angeles. But its worth the wait for sign-ups. Congrats on your dreams coming true.

It's official. I'm moving. :) You're only 10.5 hrs. from me. That's not at all a long drive. LOL If it weren't for the snow every once in awhile getting in the way I'd be fine to drive by myself. LOL I don't like to drive in snow, I'm from the South after all.

Seriously, this looks great. You girls have done a great job and I know the store is going to do great. I can't wait for the online class. I'm so excited and will be signing up when you annouce it.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Karina. We have an airport here in Springfield. The next closest one is in Kansas City, which is 3 hours away! We will post more details after the store opening, so keep checking back! Emma is working hard to organize it super well. She's a little genius! :D

why am I not living in springfield :(
it looks so cool, everything!! cant wait for the opening :)

I want to sign up for that online class!!! i totally need a spot! elsie your last online class was amazing :)

oooooh, congratulations ladies!!! i wish i could visit your store some day...
Lots of luck on your new adventure!



:) :) :)
Best year everrrr!

WOW! this is so amazing!!!
i just realized your craft weekend is the same weekend as my sister's college graduation- i was just about to book a flight and everything! AHHHHH. i'm so upset i'll be missing it!
but i will def sign up for the online class!
congrats again!!

my bff and i will see u April 3rd!!! we were actually coming on April 4th until I saw the schedule!!! eeeek, we can't wait!!!!

Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you all!

Congratulations. I love it when a plan comes together. If anyone could do it I knew you girls could.

oh my gosh! I wish I lived near you so I could join all your amazing openings and fun nights!!! I hope it all goes well :) Happy opening

Ahh! I am excited. My fingers are crossed that the journals will be available online. I really want one.

this is too exciting! you girlies are AMAZING! i'm going to try my hardest to be there for the craft wknd! how FUN!!! if not i'll still be there in une! would love to make a first friday party night! yay!!!!

just a little idea, but maybe you could make red velvet cupcakes for your march 6th party.
there was a great recipe featured on designsponge:

I can't wait to see the online shop and wish I could be there for the grand opening of the REAL store!

This is a wonderful dream come true, Elsie!

I will see you guys on April 30th!!! I am so excited!

Those eye masks are adorable!

I like the pizza and rachels little bow. <3

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