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January 08, 2009


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so cuteeeeeeee!

Heeheehee. I want to stick little underwears on my mail!

I love sneak peeks! :)

The stickers are so cuuute!

everything is coming along sooo great! i am excited for you and for the opening of your store,elsie! you are a real inspiration for free lance artists.


Those stickers are just oh so cute. Congrats to the Mr.

Cuteness! :) :)
I'm glad you guys had a good trip! :)

So rad! I can't wait to see all the goodies you girls are gonna put in your shop- I'm SO excited!

Love the stickers! :)

those stickers are amazing! i hope one day i can come shop at ur store!!

too sweet! can't wait to see it all! you guys are doing a lovely job! how fun!

Can you please pretty please make international shipping available at the RVA store? I would LOVE to be able to get some of RVA stuff. Thanks.

Everything is so gorgeous! I am so excited! I know you guys just can't wait! I know I can't! -e

Great sneak peeks! And so excited for Jeremy playing piano for Mutemath! I will definitely tune in!

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