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January 05, 2009


These look great. I'm so excited to see what you all come up with. I know it's going to be great and you're all going to be a huge success.

congrats to all of you! So exciting. Have a great day!!

I can't wait!!!

how fun! i can't wait to see it all... online and in person! woop whoop!

you guys should be really proud of yourselves!!!! your store is going to do really well and i just found out i'll be in chicago early fall so i'm going to make a roadtrip over and come see the store!!!! eeek!!

You have no idea how pumped I am for you Elsie!!! :) :) :)
I can't *wait* to go shopping at the store! (and probably blow my tax refund! ha!) :)

are emma and caleb hand painting those sticker???!!!! I totally can't wait.

so excited to see all that's going to happen in ur shop - it's amazing to have a dream fulfilled like this, i'm sure :)

I cannot wait to see more - this is so exciting and I hope to make the drive to MO to see you girls sometime!

Please, please, please take a ton of pictures to show us the store opening progress. It is exciting to see a new venture taking place. :)

Oh the excitemtn must be almost unbearable. You two are just so cute together.......

Well this is very interesting indeed. Would love to read a little more of this. Great post. Thanks for the heads-up. This blog was very informative and knowledgeable

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