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November 19, 2008


ooooooooooh YAY!
This is such a happy announcement. Now that I see the posters, and the window, I'm more excited than ever! This is going to be such a wonderful journey for you, I know it! How cool to share the news with everyone on your birthday too, it's going to be a super year.
I am beyond excited to see things come together... and am I feeling a road trip to Springfield in Feb.??? I think so.

Happy Birthday Elsie! And OH HAPPY DAY! :) Yeeeeeeeee!!! :)

Have a great birth day!!

Love Leigh-Ann

I'll say it again! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I think I will be passing through Springfield sometime in February as a special trip! We are moving from South Carolina to Utah, but I'm betting I can talk the hubby into making a special trip! I would love to meet you and see your store! I'm excited!

Wicked cool! I am from St. I am going to have to make a little roadtrip! :P

Eeeeck! Secrets out! SOOOOO happy everyone else can get as excited as we have been these last few months!

And so proud of you, friend.

Happy birthday Elsie! In February, I can celebrate my birthday by visiting your shop! Hope all your days rock!

Congrats on following what's *clearly* written all over your heart. Best wishes!

Woo Hoo!
So cool.
Manitoba is sooo far away from Springfield :(

so happy for you!

YAY!!! Many, many, many congrats to you my dear! what an amazing thing to be working on... SO exciting!

Happy, Happy Birthday too!

dreams do come true Els.


that is beyond amazingly wonderful! congratulations! are you only taking local artists' goods or will you be wholesaling from others' work as well...and how do I 'try out'?

i love your fonts. so neato.

can't wait for your shop to open! congratulations on your newest endeavors!

God Bless!


YEAH! That's awesome news! Wish it was closer to me!

Oh wow, What a wonderful surprise. Oh how cool is this. I love that you are bringing the art world and many blog artists together in one place and accessible to non internet peeps. I know the combination of your and the Red Velevt Girls talent and Jeremy's wonderful music will make for an awesome place. Congrats and do keep us updated. Love,
P.S. That last picture rocks!!

What a wonderful adventure.

oh awesome! i'm going to visit when it opens!!

p.s. happy birthday, elsie!

Congratulations and best wishes!!! And I love the art. I would want to shop there simply because of the underpants poster. :)

you are the cutest!
Happy Birthday to you
and good luck with your
new boutique. I'm sure
it will be soo much fun!

Oooohhhh! Its even a corner shop too! I love it Elsie. A road trip will definately be in the making next year.

The posters look awesome!!!

happy happy birthday, els!! i'm so excited about the red velvet art store...and it makes me super happy that i live in springfield and can come check it out!! :] YAY!


That is SO exciting!!!!

Congrats! What exciting news. The space looks amazing & definitely inspiring for the rest of us. Yay!!!

this is going to be the coolest store EVER!

can't wait to see what you do...

Greetings from San Francisco. I'm sure the "Red Velvet Girl" shop is gonna be super cute. Whenever I check out your blog, you always have something fun! Congratulations and I look forward to you new shop!

Sooo exciting!!! :]

Happy Birthday!

And woo hoo, Feb. 1, when you open your new store I'll be celebrating my birthday...a great day for both of us! Linda

This is soo cool! congrats to the store! Awesome!

Yeah! My dad lives in Marshfield, so I will totally be able to visit the store! I am excited! I will be there in the Spring sometime!

congratulations and happy birthday!


YAY! That's awesome!

Congrats I will have to pay a visit all the way from Wisconsin, I very very excited for you and all of us future costumers:)good luck I love the window posters

That's a GREAT NEWS!!! I'm so happy for you girls!!! I try to imagine your happieness about your dream which become true, but I think I can't.

That's a GREAT NEWS!!! I'm so happy for you girls!!! I try to imagine your happieness about your dream which become true, but I think I can't.

Congratulations!! That is wonderful. I wish you the best of luck. :)

eeeeee exciting!!!!

Wow! What a great project!


Mimi :)

Ooh--sounds exciting! Can't wait!

Very exciting! Will have to venture down sometime...I'm only a few hours away!


Hi Elsie...Wow, woohoo, and Congratulations!! Way ta GO! It fabulous that you are realizing a dream!! Keep me posted so my daughter and I can visit your store on a random road trip...someday ~:O)
Much AMore

From OHiO

Oh I am so excited about this:) Can't wait. Congratulations to you:)
so inspired. Glad I stumbled upon your creative loveliness:)

How exciting! I will be coming to Springfield in the middle of February. I will totally come and check it out!!

You gals are gonna ROCK that
place! Can't wait to see what
you all have in store! We know
that it's gonna be AWESOME!!

yeahh congratulation!! I am happy for you :)

The elders thought Jesus and free food could do it.

They couldn't.

The city-wisemen thought wrought iron sculptures of ??? could do it.

They didn't.

Little did they know the revitalization of Commercial Street simply depended upon a bit of... scrapbookin'.


Trench is quite impressed.


It makes me smile that the store is in Springfield MO. I'm a new reader,looking through your old posts and seeing the city where I was born mentioned is just too cool.

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