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November 11, 2008


fabulous!! it looks like you very hard on these! and the work payed off, they look fantastic. I love the look of gocco, and your designs are really great.

**worked very hard.

These are really cute - pity I don't use calenders...

Å så søte de er!

ooo i want that!! i need a new one too!! off to your etsy!

Silje!! They are sooooo cute! :)

seriously beautiful, silje!!!!

I really need to get one of those!!!

Those are super-d-duper!

ohhh my gosh, yes.
i love these.

love this site so much. so many great ideas. I want to make a wood grain journal...looks easy enough, but if I were a betting woman I think I'd have issues making one!

Cool, looks like the BBC has finally figured out what the internet is truly for.

that was a great photo! pocoyo is not just for kids, look they look like there just playing on their costumes. Nice.

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