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October 27, 2008


I love the colors in your space! (And hello, I'm a lurker who loves your alls styles!)

miss creative rachel! you always amaze me with all your ideas! thanks so much for sharing... i have a very small space and these are awesome ideas! thanks!

my grandparents bought a ton of those fans (in your first picture) once upon a time on sale (before I was born) and gave each of their children (my dad and aunts) what our family affectionately call the "blue fans." They are treasured like gold in our family and I am thankful to have snagged one. Mine is clicked on every night before bed, regardless of the temp sound for sleeping.... period.

Thanks, Rachel - I loved this post!
I just reno'd (word?) the closet in my studio so it's now a sewing nook of sorts - love all your ideas - will have to incorporate some of them in my space.
And I'm pretty sure the big silver 'A' you're sending me will have a prominent spot in the design!!
Peace and happy creating to you!

you are the best.


What fantastic organizational and inspirational ideas!! I love the cheery space and wonderful colors. So amazing Rachel!

Love the Cot/noticeboard!! I only wish I'd thought of that before we gave ours away...

what a lovely space! i have been aching to transform my "junk drawer" office into my own little studio space where i can craft the hours away and have lots of Me time.

my biggest problem is getting organized and that's what's held it all up. these were really great tips on how to do just that!

I adorable the light fixture. :)

You are awesome!! Love it :)

I love the crib idea.

way cute!!

great use of the crib rail!!! (brilliant)

nice space!!

So pretty! Love all the wonderful colors!!

Loving your work area! I'm currently on the hunt for a cute little sewing machine and trying to sell Mr Unreliable's PC so I can use his desk as my new craft centre! Only time will tell!

helpful post - I need some nifty organization in my life.

So So cute! (I know this is a really old post, but i never did get to comment)

I love the clip board idea! And hey! I spy Anthropologie latte bowls in there. :)

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