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May 2, 2011


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Mmm, citrus-y goodness! These look deliciousss.

When I'm in the magazine section I always look through the political/news one. To each their own! I guess that would make Anderson Cooper my Robert Pattinson. :P

I am the same way. I always gravitate toward the cooking magazines as well. I even watch cooking shows at the gym when I'm there on a machine and I'm a sucker for beautifully photographed food. I'll have to make it right away. :)

Sarah- how dare you show me up at my own game! Anderson Cooper, Robert Pattinson. Dang, that was good. :)

Jennifer- i love that! watching food shows while working out. you are a lady after my own heart.

sounds so yummy!! I will try this with my fruit form my trees!! oh and i always head for the home and garden magazines!!

holy yummm those look so good! I haven't had lemon bars in so long, I really want to make some now. They're so perfect for spring. <3

Yum! I first had lemon bars at a lovely little cafe in the beautiful Lake District here in the UK, and I loved them so much I just HAD to have the recipe, but although the lovely lady told me how they were made I didn't manage to come away with any measurements or proper method, so I began searching for the recipe with no luck, until.. one day I was at a car boot sale in London and I came across a book titled Cookies from around the World, and there, in the US section was the recipe I'd been looking for, hurray! They have been made many times since then and are one of our favourites. :)
Wow, long story, sorry!

oh goodness me, these look delish <3

I actually had to wiki Katy Perry. I've heard her name, but couldn't put a face to it. Bobby Flay? I would recognize him in my sleep... These look delish!

ha ha that's too cute! those bars look great :)

I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, but I have been a follower for about 6ish months! I tend not to comment on blogs with a lot of comments already there. However, I decided to today to say that I'm similar with magazines! I tend to go straight to the craft magazines :) I love the food magazines too though, but tend to try to avoid them since I can't cook much right now.

Samantha xx

Mmm, I can't WAIT to try this recipe!

Samantha H-thanks for saying hi. :)

we make lemon bars at the bakery and use an apricot glaze on the top and it really, really makes them extra tangy and sweet.
you're look adorable and delicious!

These look amazing! Oh Emma, you are truly a kindred soul. The Katy Perry/Paula Deen comment had me cracking up :) Hooray Bobby Flay! Hah.

This is my first comment too! I made these for Mother's Day brunch and although I didn't get much "crumbly batter" (I gave up and just through the water in) they came out very, very yummy.

Hi...First time here. These look fantabulous. Is there anything I can use in place of eggs for the filling?

I like you on facebook and follow through google reader!

It is the first time that I heard about the kind of recipe. Thanks for the recommendation. I will try it out.

Like Samantha up there *points*
I'm not much of a commenter. I'm, making an exception for those citrus bars, they look absolutely delicious!

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