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May 5, 2011


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This sounds amazing! I am a sucker for anything avocado (made the most yummy chocolate avocado pudding yesterday); so I am definitely going to have to try it.



will definitely have to try this recipe, i am vegan and eat tons of avocado.. thanks for a very creative curry.

Are you freakin JOKING????? Two of my favorite things to eat ever!!!!! I am so trying this. Thanks, Emma!

My favourite curry recipe is Heston Blumenthal's tikka masala. It involves hours of work and he recommends building a tandoor in your backyard, but it's so delicious!!!

Yum. This sounds so good. I must try this recipe! You have the best recipes!

I remember when my grandmother cooked a similar recipe when we visited her , it just delicious.

I think this recipe is good. specially to all vegetarian like me. thanks for this great idea.

What a great idea! Have you considered other kinds of fruit curries? Is avocado a fruit? Okay, so vegetable curries are the norm but avaocado is definitely a new one! Anyway, I'm thinking about a kim chee recipe I got from somewhere and it contained, to my delight, a lot of fruit. Like chunks of orange and raisins and apple.
I'm thinking a curry might be made with similar flavor nuggets.
Aloha, Janet

It is one of my favorite fruits. It tastes great with everything inclusive with Mexican food.

Looks like a great curry base, do you think it could be combined with prawns. I'm going to try it with a little seafood.

The food looks delicious and nutritious.


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