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April 19, 2011


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Love those boots! I also have white cowboy boots that I adore. Funny story...I was the chaperon for my sister's 21st birthday on the Landing in St. Louis this past weekend. I wore my white cowboy boots and all of the little Landing brats made fun of them. I told them that they were clearly mistaken about what amazing fashion looked like. Clearly, I was right. ;)

I love the print of your dress! So pretty!♥

I love the print of your dress!

wow!..great find there emma..cute cute outfit...and that dress fits you perfectly

Jealous! White cowboy boots are perfect for summer - great find!

Amanda-don't ever listen to anyone who falls under the category "Landing brats."

your comment made me laugh. :)

This dress is fantastic!!!! And you look gorgeous!

Green is totally the best color, EVER! Love the boots.

So preeetty! You look like a vintage ad. xo

I love the way that dress looks with those boots! You do look like an awesome vintage ad! Hearts, Janna Lynn

My eyes are green... which explains why you're always looking at me like that... ;)

Also, you were in my dream last night. You gave me a Snickerdoodle cupcake, I was searching searching for a birthday gift for you, and then there were vampires. Not the shiny, pretty ones. The scary kind. When I woke up I was A) happy no one really sucked Hope's blood; and B) really upset there was no cupcake.

Oh, yeah... and I like your outfit post.

The boots are fantastic, but I'm head-over-heels for that dress!!

ohh great find!
and my hair is all natural too. roots? what roots? ;)

I cried when i found some red cowgirl boots on ebay and then cried again when i found that they were too small, the UK doesn't seem to have a large market for cowboy/girl boots so 4 years down the line still havent found anymore :(
Im loyal to blue

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.

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