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April 6, 2011


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OMG, this sounds delicious. I think I need to make it right away!


all i can say is yum!
I wish i could put my hand in the screen and take that out and eat it. yum yum yum.

I get so hungry after reading your posts. Next time I will bring a snack :) Looks yummy, emma!

What can I say? after reading this post I've just made this for lunch and it was down right yummers!
Love you blog Emma - think your fantastic.
xx Becca

I want it NOW!!...just sittin here licking my chops and I think you ar pretty darn fantastic as well!

I love an easy meal! This looks great!

Hi Emma, I like reading your blog and check your recipes. I recently got 2 goood natural food cookbooks by Heidi Swanson, I strongly rec comend them, she also has a website, worth checking it out for foodie people like us :o)

Made this today, with a few additions (mushrooms in the fridge that needed to be used up, no scallions on hand but a red onion subbed in, I tend to throw dill on everything...)

Holy mother of god, so delicious. My belly is happy and my house smells like absolute heaven.

Talked about my version (and gave you credit, of course) on my blog:

Thanks for the recipe! Wow!

I'll help you: free-TAH-Ta
(rolling of the "r" is desired, but I'd leave it out since it can come off as pretentious...even if you're Italian, like me)
Frittata is one of my favorites! But be careful - saying this is a breakfast food in front of a passionate Itai will get you the stink eye. Frittata is traditionally served at dinner alone as most Italians will simply have an espresso and a pastry in the AM.

You've inspired me to make this for dinner tonight! Buon Appetito!

Perfect!!! I just bought eggs and feta! I think I know what I'm making for dinner tonight... Thanks again :)

I like the free-tah-ta and all, but the real gem of this post is your narration. You're one hell of a written comedian Emma!

My husband and I (recently turned vegetarians) made this for lunch and LOVED it. I also made the curry (which i have Never made before) and egg roll (which I have never rolled before) recipes for dinner last night! Love your suggestions! :)

When mentioning a particular time of day for global readers (see blog post above), be sure to include the time zone. :)

The best and worst thing about blogs happen to be the same exact thing; everyone can have one.

Great post! This looks so yummy! I have been trying my hand at a whole bunch of new recipes, I will definitely be trying this out...thank you!

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