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April 29, 2011


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loveee veggie burgers. The best ones I've made are Quinoa, Chickpea burgers. Delicious!!

Yum! I love homemade veggie burgers. I want one of these right now. Sounds so good.

Dear Emma,

Since I started reading your blog (about two weeks ago) I've been craving those damn peanut butter cupcakes!! I even bought a little secondhand Krups electric oven to be ready te bake them (my tiny appartment has no room for a gas oven). So there... I''ve gone great lenghts for those cupcakes. Please don't make me beg for the recipe... cause I will!!

PS: Love your blog. It's been sooo helpful to me. I'm a struggling vegetarian in Mexico City.

Thanks for this recipe! I don't digest beans very well, but lentils are effortless! I am so happy to finally have a lentil burger recipe - I'll be making these for my meat-eating father tonight.

Deidre- you have gone to great lenghts! Goodness. :) email me: emma AT redvelvetart DOT com and i will tell you any recipe you like.

okay, I am totally trying these!! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm giving up all red meat [but I loveee cheeseburgers, haha], so any substitute will be great! xx

This recipe sounds amazing! I've never had a lentil burger before, but I definitely think I need to try one!

Dear Emma,
Over the past, I'd say 24 hours, I have read your entire blog. no lie, start to finish. And I find your writing, honesty, and recipes totally inspiring. Especially all the stories about how blogging has changed your life and how scared you were to start doing it; It's good to see the human side behind food!
Sincerest thanks,

Melissa- you just made my day. thank you. :)

Hi Emma!

I am a big fan of veggie burgers, but I never know what toppings to use! What sorts of things would you put on a lentil or bean burger?


kaitlyn- cheese is a must. i also love bar-b-que sauce and mustard (but not together). a slice of grilled pineapple would be fancy. lettuce, tomato, coleslaw. anything that might come on a "regular" burger is cool. you could even top it with bacon if you are feeling ironic.

Mmmm, I love lentil burgers. I can`t wait to try your recipe! Thanks!

Lentil burgers are great. Why are they green though. Why not use red or brown lentils? A teaspoon of soy sauce gives some extra flavour too. I like the cayenne pepper idea as well.

I made these the other night and they were awesome! My husband is vegan and I'm always looking for recipes to surprise him with. I used Shake n' Bake instead of bread crumbs and they were sooo good. I love your blog!

Tried this last night, improvising a bit with measurements because I never quite know what a cup is (I'm Italian)! I have also added grated halloumi cheese as I was worried it might not hold together with the lentils only!

made these the other night & they were delicious. thanks for sharing so many recipes with us!

sounds good :-)
would this work as "meat"balls?

I'm making these tomorrow night and I'm a little confused on the ingredients. Is it 1.5 tbsp each of the minced garlic, salt, pepper, and other spices? or do they all go together and make up the 1.5 tbsp?

OH my Gad , I ate a big hamburger one hour ago, I am so satisfied , I think that I gonna explosion my stomach

made a big old batch (i'm never buying boca burgers again!)
i froze 'em, but they still get pretty mushy after re-heating. tips?

Looks delicious, I'm a fanatic of good burgers, I'm always looking for places wit the best burgers.

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I've eaten better burguers in my life, but I must say this doesn't look bad... Actually I prefer the one on the picture instead of one made in Burguer King.

I made these today and they were divine! I used iceburg lettuce as the buns since I'm wheat free but didn't feel like making buns. Thanks so much! I shared this link on Pinterest :)

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