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April 24, 2011


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Mmm, they look so delicious. ♥

Happy Easter, Emma!

Happy Easter to you too, Emma! ;) I could totally eat some of your scons right now ... no, not some, ALL of them, hehe :p.


looks YUMMY!! happy Easter :)

A currant is just a lighter coloured raisin. Happy easter!!

Those look super yummy! I've never eaten currants either, haha.
Hoppy Easter! ;]

I've been blog browsing. My friend Amy Martin told me about your great recipes so I checked it out. OMW! I am going to try out several of them. Thank you for your ingenuity!

Also thank you for letting us know that the snack section of RV was truly open last night. We had fun!

Happy Easter. i know what I'll be making for friday while watching the royal wedding!

wow great recipes thank you so much :D

Happy Easter to you! A little belated, but heartfelt nonetheless. :)

genius! I featured these on my weekly love list here-
they look DELISH!

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woo,It is my pleasure to share this ,good luck for you!

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