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April 15, 2011


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looks so pretty on you... love the hat! Just another great outfit you put together.

You seriously are just the most darling in the entire world! looking amazing emma!

So gorgeous! My best friends and I are planning a roadtrip soon-ish and we will definitely be making a stop in Springfield to visit Red Velvet and have some treats! I can't wait!

Beautiful! (I was going to say "Gorgeous", but I see that has already been said! Haha.) That dress looks so cozy.

what a wicked dress! clearly the garage sale was full of boys.....any gal sure as heck wouldn't have let that one slip away! (p.s chipping toe polish is quite okay for this time of year. mine is beyond in need of a re-do.)

wow! what a gorgeous dress!!! This look is divine and fitting for you Emma! The first picture=take your breath away perfect!

i would love if the sweet shoppe was my local shop! unfortunately its at the other side of the world!

lovely outfit :)

OMG you look so beautiful, that hat rocks! look amazing in that dress! I'm glad that the dress found it'll have a proper home. :) I will definitely be taking the newest e-course. Well looks amazing! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Heather-Really?! That would be so fun! (No pressure.)

this is such a beautiful dress! love the whole outfit.

What a pretty dress! And what a sweet lady for donating it to you!

You look great, Emma!

Emma, you look absolutely stunning...a well proper model!!!
tone xo

Oh wow....fab dress...wonderful wear it well!

loveee the dress and your whole look. So cute!

That dress is perfection. I love it!! Perfect shoes to compliment the dress. I wanna be you.

Ok, so you just look great in hats, i see :)

Oh lady! You look so pretty in that dress! I'm pleased as pie that I brought it in to you! I knew one of you would look beautiful in it! YAY!

I was actually googling recipes for pear or apple muffins (to make for all of the boys before they go to tai chi in the morning) and your blog popped up! I'm going to do a mix of the two recipes you have on here.

I'm really pleased I got to see this post!


I adore this outfit!

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