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April 22, 2011


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those boots are really awesome! go grandma!


You look so cute! Having a sister to steal clothes from is the best; it is like having twice the wardrobe! :)

Also, the road trip is ON! We will be driving from Savannah to Seattle at the beginning of June and are hoping to be in Springfield on Saturday, June 4th! My friends and I can't wait to meet you!

I love your style.
And I love your blog.

I'm also passionate about local eating...and a vegitarian. I need to make time to try out some of your recipes, they look so good! :)

Nice to meet you,

Oh how I wish I had a sister w/ awesome style to "borrow" clothes from.

Love the outfit & your blog! You've become my baker inspiration. : )

great outfit! i don't blame you for borrowing elsie's clothes. i mean, what are sisters for if not to borrow things from. amirite?
plus, i got the short-shorts phobia myself. gotta get over that!

Noice! You're seriously pulling off that hat and I dont think many could do that.

Well done!

I love this entire outfit. Don't worry, it's ok to steal from siblings. :)

I think you shorts are the perfect shortness! They look great on you and you don't feel like your showing your undies...rock on with your awesome style...that is a shared trait between you and your big sis! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY, EMMA! I love this outfit. I am still obsessed with those boots. Please figure out how to clone them and send them to me.

ps. click my name to see what I was up doing until 4 o'clock this morning like awesome socks. Seriously. I like your awesome socks.


another great outfit emmma!...makes me want to go cut off some more jeans and make shorts instead of capris

Super cute!

i used to always try to be sneaky and steal stuff from my sister..but she always knew :) lookin cute lady cakes!!

What a beautiful pair of sisters. I need to go for another daughter!!

super cute!! i adore your style. and your hair is KIND of the prettiest ever ;)

nice out with awesome shoes ,wish i could one to my girl friend


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The best and worst thing about blogs happen to be the same exact thing; everyone can have one.

woo,It is my pleasure to share this ,good luck for you!

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