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March 17, 2011


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I love when people show what's in their purses too! I did one not to long ago on my blog. :)

Your bag is GORGEOUS, I love the colour and style. ♥

I love these types of posts! Its a neat way to find out little facts/secrets about people. I need to do one of these posts sometime.

I also am a fan of these types of posts. I love your phone by the way,being that I'm a non smart phone carrying kinda gal myself. I picked my phone because I like the color, bright teal blue :)

Your wallet is adorable!

And, yeah, I like to see what's in other people's purses too. Hehe.

Very cute... and you keep quite a neat purse!

I love bag shares! Thank you, I must do one soon!


i'm all for loud wallets - life is too short to waste time trying to find a boring black wallet in a dark bag, when instead you could have a bright one that stands out!

and yup must agree - your bag is so neat! mine is full of half chewed gum rolled up in pieces of newspaper and random bobby pins and receipts!

I love "What's In My Bag" posts, too! I love seeing the cute things other people carry around. :)

awe, thanks guys. my purse might be clean but you should see the inside of my car-it's an old receipts graveyard!

So refreshing to see someone else that hasn't jumped on the smartphone bandwagon! Although for me, it's only a matter of time/money...this chick is DYING for an iPhone. :)

I love "what's in my bag" posts too!

As above - I adore these kinds of posts! It make me excited to see how people organise their day-to-day items... organisation makes me happy. :)
not that I do it a lot...

however, if I were to do a post like this (which I think I might!) there would be a lot of uni documents there too! at least they're in pretty folders?? XD

Adorable. As always (:

This looks nothing like what's inside my purse. Okay, that's not true. I have all that stuff, I just also have about 25 receipts (12 of which are from Starbucks), several random pieces of paper where I have jotted down things that I have since forgotten their meaning, at least a dozen random items having nothing to do with one another, and several napkins/kleenexes.

I know, it's gross. Reaching into my purse is always a bit risky.

You are -probably- the most organized purse owner (haha yes, that) that I've seen. You carry just what you need. My bag is gigantic and I abuse of it.

Ohmygod. How is it even possible that you exist with that phone?!

Best what's in my bag photos I've seen.

I love these kind of posts! Pretty bag!

I can't get my head around that you (Americans) still use check books, I think we stopped using them, like 20 years ago or something :)

I love "whats in my bag-posts" too!

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