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March 21, 2011


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This is genius! Looks so delicious.

thanks for this recipe,can a ask you a dumb question?distilled white vinegar is the regular white vinegar?
Thanks XOxo

Ooh, I love coffee muffins! I will have to try these.

ericka-yes, it's just regular white vinegar.

Oh, I love your blog. You should publish a cookbook. Seriously! x

These look delicious! I've been working on a coffee frosting recipe but I think I'll have to give this cupcake recipe a try :)


Those look ridiculously good :)

i think ive died and gone to heaven...two amazing things in one!!!

oh my goodness, we share the same crazy love for coffee!
thank you for sharing the recipe to these beauties! i will be using it for my next baking endeavor!!!
love your blog!
<3 mk

I find that too much caffeine makes me angry. Like the hulk. <<, THIS ! Is funny!!! I have been looking for a good recipe for this. I wanted to make them on and post on my blog. Can't wait to try.

i can't wait to try these! they look super yummy! i always say if i don't get my morning coffee I will hulk out lol :)

You could brush the cupcake with the wine, if you wanted the extra flavor.

Ah! one of my favorites! :) We serve ours with a little sugar sprinkled lady finger ♥ great recipe, Emma!

You could have your brandy on the side perhaps? J/k these look scrumptious!

lookssooo yummy!!

i can't wait to make these!

These sound great, I'm going to give 'em a go!

Oh my gosh, these look scrumptious! They will definitely be made and consumed be me very shortly.

I tried making these cupcakes today and they turned out a bit too salty... Did I do something wrong? Too much baking soda? They did however turn out really moist.
Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing this recipe.

Hey, this recipe looks awesome. Tiramasu is pretty much my favorite dessert. I can't wait to try these. Have you ever made tiramasu? I have had cakes that are inspired by, but because its such a favorite, its hard to let it go if they dont taste exactly like it...

I really cant wait to try these, but like the tiramasu's I've made, you should just add the wine or brandy into the mascarpone, or like one of these comments suggested, brushing it over the cupcake sounds awesome. Im just not a drinker so if it was strong tasting, that may be too much.

ANYWAY. I wanted to encourage you only. Tell you thank you for this recipe and all of the other great recipes you take the time to post... and if there's a way you could add that other small flavor to make it perfect! You should!

(Since I havent tried them, being the expert that I am, they may be perfect already so I really dont mean any insult. I care so deeply for tiramasu!) :)

I want to make these this week, they look delicious.
But, no eggs?? Really? I'd really appreciate it if you could answer me asap, because I want to do these for my next dinner party. Thanks!

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