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March 28, 2011


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Mmm...that sounds really good! I had no idea that it was that easy to make whipped cream, and a little mint in it sounds delish!

i love whipped cream! also, i randomly discovered that if you use whipped cream and a package of chocolate pudding it makes INSANELY good light frosting!

2cups whipping cream, beat until frothy, add 1 pkg of chocolate pudding, beat until thick and frostingish. Save some for the cake because you will want to eat it all straight from the bowl!

never thought to add mint... sooo trying this next ;)

ohh what a yummy combo!!!!

uau Emma, seems so beautifull, delicious and lightly! I will try!
A hi from Brussels!

kate-that sounds like a great frosting idea! I will be trying that sometime. :)

Wait, what? Doesn't people know how to whip cream?

oh, broiling grapefruit is one of my favorite ways to eat it. i first saw the idea here:

it's so warm and delicious!

Don't know why I've never thought to add mint to my whipped cream. Thanks for the idea.

I love fresh fruits with whipped cream in the summer and warmer months, but sometimes I love them so much I also eat it in the cold months, lol. I'll have to try the mint flavor, that's a great idea, goes for any flavoring at that!


Yumm! I've gotta give this a try. I know, its all sunny in Michigan but bitter cold, its totally teasing because you think it might feel nice out..but it isn't! Hoping it heats up soon..Hearts, Janna Lynn

I'll have to try making my own whipped cream next time I make a pie. Didn't know it was that simple! Thanks!

i don't think i've ever seen (or read) something so sweetly tantalizing as this mint whipped cream. must. try. soon.

Once again, a little confused - how else do you make whipped cream without whipping heavy cream? I'm seriously hoping you are not meaning cream from a can which is NOT whipped cream but aerated fluff.

Do like the idea of mint cream though.

LOVE the idea of adding mint to whipped cream.

I second the confusion though - how else would you get whipped cream (the stuff in cans doesn't count...). And you don't actually need sugar, just the cream works wonderfully (though we do have different types of cream here in Australia).

When I first started cooking I had no idea that whipped cream was seriously made from literally "whipping" heavy whipping cream. It was a revelation to me at the time. But if you already knew this, then of course it would probably not seem so special. :) No confusion. I just didn't know this for a long time and thought maybe others were in the same boat.

These are so beautiful.

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