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March 19, 2011


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i love your hat!

This is probably one of my favorite looks for you, Emma. I have recently become addicted to bows as well.

Thanks again for helping my team with our Social Media article! (

You look darling! Love your shirt and belt!

this is a beautiful outfit! And yes, I am so guilty of trying on outfits before bed too. and often making a list of possible combinations for when I next need an outfit! hehe.


I am in love with this outfit. I want to marry it. Or at least have a long tumultuous affair with the hat.

I have this hat!
You've inspired me to wear it to places outside of music festivals:)

I'm really nervous about wearing hats....seeing how cute you look in yours has inspired me to try! Love this look on you. So cute!

Muy guapa!!
Me ha encantado tu blog, no lo conocia.. te sigo!
Te invito a que te pases por el mio y si te gusta me sigas..
Besos enormes

So cute! I really need to figure out how to wear a belt over a shirt and not look like a dork. I think I'm just too self-conscious.

adorable! i want a bow belt pretty badly.

That hat is amazing, I saw it on another post you did and saved the picture I loved the hat so much! I love this whole outfit, looks like something I'd wear. Too cute! :)

This looks like such an awesome dinner party! I wish I was invited, haha! The sandwiches sound delicious! Well, everything sounds delicious!

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