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March 4, 2011


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Oh my goodness! These look delicious. And I love the chevron design.

I'm going to be in Springfield this weekend. I'll try to come say hi if I have time!

I love using luster dust but always seem to get it all over myself. :)

These look GREAT!!!! Hey, I have and idea...................
.............. You should give some with milk to your Dad.

mmmm I love brownies! I made my first Scandinavian brownies the other day and I must say they turned out really well!

I love it! Those are the cutest brownies that ever were!

EEEK! Thank you, THANK YOU for sharing where you found that recipe.

Yum. I'm running to the grocery store after I finish laundry today!

oh yum! do you ship?!! ;)

So I made these brownies.
I live with my boyfriend and a cat.
My cat doesn't eat chocolate.
My boyfriend eats chocolate in normal-people quantities.
I've eaten 3/4 of a pan of fudge brownies since yesterday.
Check, please?

mmm, my room mates & I made these tonight they were delicious! thanks for sharing the recipe :]

The brownies look so good i decided to make them for my dad. They are sooo good. Thank you for sharing.

The idea has alternative. A little mystery novel!!

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