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March 25, 2011


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Wow, I love everything about this outfit! Everything. Especially your rockin' grandmother's boots. So perfect!! My "new toy" is a pair of motorcycle boots that just won't quit. :)

that purse looks amazing with your outfit. yesyesyes!

Super cute outfit, adorable purse, and you look fantastic!

that colour is great!

That's the same outfit you wore yesterday when the camerateam was at your shop, right? I saw it on Elsie's blog and I thought right away: Boy, is that wonderful!! Suits you very well!!


That is the most adorable purse I have ever seen. Dying of jealousy ;)

So of course I like totally love your purse. :) Now I'm going to go find myself a carousel purse too. Geez. Thanks for putting the idea in my head.

You are truly a beautiful young woman..................
............................said with the car window up!!!

I love getting fun old things from my grandma! She gave me a ton of the prettiest old costume jewelry. Sadly, her shoe size is a full three sizes smaller than mine.

Congrats on the feature...and you look lovely in this! Hearts, Janna Lynn P.S. You can feel free to come over to my blog and enter my giveaway...super excited about doing a handmade clothing giveaway! :)

I have a purse that looks like that except it has a big butterfly on it. I've never seen another like it until now.

Emma, what an amazing bag! :D And the dress is adorable, too ... like you!

Hope you have a nice weekend!


Love the boots! So jealous!

grandma boots rock my world. actually, grandma EVERYTHING rock my world. you look so great!

that dress
on you
so beautiul

What gorgeous little boots! I'm envious. Fantastic outfit. ;D

you're so pretty! i loved the b/w pic of you in this outfit on elsie's blog...had to look twice b/c I thought it was a vintage pic ;)

Finally stopped in today and was secretly thrilled to "meet" you, as I've stalked your blog for awhile now. You are even prettier in person, and your cupcakes & bubble tea are tasty!

Ahh...I LOVE your ENTIRE outfit! And that dress looks gorgeous on you!

Grandma's have the best vintage, those boots are so great! Cute outfit :)

Is that an Enid Collins purse?

I've loving your boots and belt! You look lovely!

P.S. I am completely flattered when I can compliments from an older lady about one of my vintage pieces. Makes me feel so chic and fashionable. Or at least I know I would have been back in the day! (haha)

Sandra Winfrey- exactly my thoughts too. :)

this is such an adorable dress!! i love all the stuff you get thrifting! i wish i could go thrifting with you, i never find anything good here in jax

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