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February 15, 2011


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Mmm, peanut butter and chocolate.

I've been going crazy for sesame seed bagels - I'm eating one pretty much everyday! <3

As always when I have looooads of work for university: lots of chocolate, lots of smoothies and lots of pasta. It seems as though I really get cravings for these as soon as I start living in the library (again).

we've been making peanut butter smores in the toaster oven... awesome snack. you should try them... if you want the how we do it i'll email it to you.

I have a obsession with pecan pie! :P

Well well.. . what a coincidence! :D Mine happens to be peanut butter and chocolate too, at the moment! I've been devouring those two together, for the past couple of days. Today, however, I've been doing a pretty swell job controlling myself but the day isn't over and I will probably give in :p

I've been eating a lot of bagels with peanut butter and strawberry slices! It's sort of like pb&j, except it tastes more fresh and yummy. This has been my breakfast practically every day for a month ;P

My mom and I make grilled peanut butter, nutella, and banana sandwiches more often than people should.

This sounds so goood!

Same one! I've been making chocolate peanut butter "smoothies" (cause it's healthy if you call them smoothies) and vegan "Reces" Cups. SO good! I'm adding this toast to my regimen:)

I think we must be craving endorphins and since summer is still a ways away....

I have always loved chocolate and peanut butter - I'm on a Justin's peanut butter cup kick, as of late. But, you should totally check out - the blog has enough chocolate+peanut butter recipes to last a lifetime.

this looks so wonderful. I need to keep my eye out for that stuff!

Ummmm . . . spinach. Which may be the most tragic thing ever (although it doesn't get in the way of my ongoing love affair with good chocolate either).

thats so weird, I was just thinking of mixing my nutella with peanut butter last night but decided to save it for today! haha

i'm also a chocolate and pnutbutter fan. i mix nomu chocolate chunks ( into my pnut butter and spread it on hot toast. the heat of the toast melts the chocolate a bit. bliss!


Emma, I absolutely love your blog! Your love for reading, food, and sweets mirror my own! Thanks for all of your recipes and book reviews. I've taken you up on your suggestions for books and meals many times and I'm never disappointed :)

have you seen those giant sized peanut butter cups by reeses? a c & pb fix in a big way! now let me go get a spoonful of crunchy pb....

We use nutella. It's a chocolate hazelnut spread, pretty much the same as what you're using I think. I'd like to mention that I love it so much I don't buy it, and when I go to my friend's house I eat it by the spoonful, one spoonful chocolate, one spoonful pb. It's a bad bad bad (but so good) habit.

I don't know if you've tried this yet but I have and oh. sweet. lord.

my favorite is so simple... scoop of natural peanut butter with dark chocolate chips in it. Sometimes i put it in the freezer before eating.

ummm.... YUMMM this is making my mouth water.

I'm super obsessed with mango and chai tea right now! But peanut butter and chocolate sounds sooo good right now!

I am obsessed with lucky charms.
and pb cookies.
atleast cereal is (kind of) healthy, right?

oh gosh I could die for this right now..!it's breakfast time in my country!
if you are interested in more recipes..especially italian ones..check my blog!I just posted something new yesterday!
ciao ciao

that sounds soo good right now.. And my current food kick has to be almonds.

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