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February 18, 2011


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I wish my mom had interesting stuff in her closet for me to find... all very 80's and not in a cool way :)

Emma, you look so amazing blonde! Were you scared to try it? I've always wanted to... but am a bit afraid of the reactions I might get.

Who am i kidding... i would just be embarrassed if it looked terrible! And go hide in a cave or something lol.

These are the best photos i've seen of you since i started reading your blog, that photo second from the top...amazing! you re definitely making the dress work. Loving the outfit

You look Great Emma! I totally dig the fit!

Stefanie-Anne: I was scared for a long time too. I wanted to do it this blonde for 2-3 years before I finally did. And I haven't regretted it once. :) But you can always dye it back if disaster strikes. And I always recommend going to a trusted professional for hair stuff, but mostly because I'm not that talented at hair... maybe you are. I don't know. xo. Emma

love the outfit Emma! The hair is beee-utiful too!
xo holly

EMMA! you look beautiful!! (as always!) Love love the outfit!

Cool outfit, Emma! I finally tried peanut butter when I arrived in America, hehe. It's good :p It's so hard not to put on weight here, God! How do you manage to stay skinny? Especially when you're a chef :O.

Have a great weekend!


gorgeous. you. the dress. the hair. the girl. congrats on your test score!

fringe was an excellent choice today.

Love the combo! I'm not much of a leggings girl myself, but I do like the longer sweaters/tops, so I usually end up with an outfit similar to yours, with skinnier jeans on the bottom. (And such a cute sweater - not something I'd ever find in my mom's closet.)

ah you look dreamy! wish i could pull off that kinda blonde... unfortunately i was "blessed" with dark eyebrows. thanks ma and pa!

I miss rummaging through my parents closet! When I was in high school, out of sheer boredom, my siblings, cousins, and I would film fashion shows in my hallway. I was the stylist and my brother was the camera man. I should put those on Vimeo sometime. So super embarrassing, but interesting nonetheless.

I think the boots round off your look very nicely. One would think that it would push it over the top, but it sort of calms the ensemble quite a bit with some unexpected sleekness.

Hey Emma,

Just had to ask...I'm 99% sure I saw in " Accidentally in Love" the other day. Was that you? Such a sweet story. What made it easier to recognize you?...the blonde hair!

Oh Emma, you look gorgeous! That style definitely works for you, you make it look effortless.
Congrats on the grade! :) I don't know how you have time for everything!

Love, love the outfit! Your hair looks so great - I've been meaning to go 'too blonde' before summer - I usually just highlight or do box dyes - it's so hard to keep blonde hair healthy!! But the super light blonde hair is so perfect for the 70's style look - can't wait to go super blonde for spring!!

Thanks Emma!

p.s. LOVE Elisie's dress on you. I'm starting to think you should model professionally lol.

Oh- I just stumbled upon this awesome cooking blog -

I love your blog! I started reading at the salted brownie post and think you have a great 'voice'. Your blond is stunning, and I personally think it's okay to show some roots once in a while, that way no one thinks I take myself too seriously! Oh, and it's a well know fact that you cannot be TOO blond! :-)

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