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February 28, 2011


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you're not alone with your passion for soupy pasta, it's how i like it too. i'm making this lovely looking pasta of your for meat free monday tonight. thank you :)

This was soooo good! I just loved it and want more...............more I tell you, more.............

it's not even 10am and you are making me drool! i will be making this later on in the week... i LOVE the pesto + red sauce combo! (and yes, LOTS of red sauce!!)

i recently found out that i love pesto! so i must try out this recipe soon. ohhh yes!

I DID miss you :) thanks for sharing this looks great!

Looks FAB! May have to rearrange the weekly menu to fit this in for this week! And, yes, I did miss you. Don't stay gone so long!

This looks yummy, Emma. I love Ricotta and Pesto so this sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing.

It was fate!!!! I already planned on making stuffed shells for dinner NOW I'm going to make them with pesto! Brillant! Gotta go cook now!

these look SO good!

That looks delicious. Can't wait for the olive bread recipe

well, now I want to make this! *goes to make shopping list...*

I'm totally making this. My husband loves this kind of food. Thanks for sharing!

We made this last night, except used lots of chopped spinach and basil and garlic instead of the pesto, and a store-bought passatta instead of homemade sauce. I'm going to be eating it for days! SO amazing.

We had this for dinner tonight and it was delicious. Thanks!

Made these for dinner last night! They turned out just delicious... and made plenty of leftovers for lunch today! :)

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