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February 3, 2011


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on recommendation from and old blog post of yours I read Never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I really liked it!

I love the art on the cover! I will have to see if my library has this--I love reading young adult books.

good pick - i also stumbled across this book while christmas shopping and couldn't resist it!

That cover TOTALLY would have captured my eye too! It's so cute.. I want to live there... on the uttermost topperest floor, of course. The only thing I'm reading right now is the Bible...the book of Psalms to be exact... It's beautiful.
PS. I love your blog, bee-tee-double-you..It makes me hungry for sure...

Is the cover illustrated by Carson Ellis? It looks like her work...she does all the Decemberists artwork, too. :)

It's an easy read, but you should pick up The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. I just finished it the other day and it was a fantastic read! You'll enjoy it. :))

i picked up this book awhile ago for the cover alone!

i just finished reading book of lost things by john connolly and it was so good!

loved this book! have you read the other two yet?

i recommend if i stay by gayle forman. its a wonderful book. the sequel comes out in april. can't wait :)

I second the Invention of Hugo Cabret! You'll really love it - the artwork in it is like a vintage film. It's kinda revolutionary! Anyway, I liked the beginning of Benedict Society, but didn't you find the end kind of bizarre?

Love your blog by the way! I've been lurking for a while... It's really inspiring!

sweet! i too, recently picked up one of the mysterious benedict society books at a store, because the cover drew me in. only read a few pages but, now i will def. have to buy one and read it! :) thanks for the review!

i've been reading the handmade marketplace. its awesome. i'm really hoping to expand my business and create full time.

also, its good to hear you met a nice boy. (hope this doesn't sound too weird, since i've never met you) but i actually prayed about this for you. :)

Love *Love* Love that book! I picked it up last year for the same reason and now ive got the 2nd one to read eventually. So cute!

You always have great book recommendations!

Oh my gosh, Emma, I love these books so much! I found the first two at Marshall's of all places and quickly read through them. I HAD to run out and buy the third in hardback because I couldn't wait haha. I love that they're easy to read but the story is still pretty stellar.

Good choice!

you guys know me too well-I adored Hugo Cabret! I can't wait till the movie comes out.

Jen-you are too sweet. Lord knows I could use the prayers. :)

I also saw that book while at Borders and almost got it! I will definitely go back and take a second look!

I have two absolutely MUST-READS: Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor. It's about two mexican families living in different places in Mexico during the revolution who move to the U.S. to escape the violence. It is ultimately a love story and seems like fiction but it is not! It's based on the author's family and their memories growing up. I could not wait to find out what happened next! It's filled with life-lessons and it's funny!
The other book is: The Story Sisters. I admit the cover did not attract me but once I started reading, I could not put it down! I finished it in 3 days staying up until 3 in the morning because I was completely enthralled. It is a difficult book to read at times because the story of each sister is so real and honest.

Hope you read these!

Carson Ellis is my favorite illustrator in the world, and I've been meaning to read this book for so long. I'm inspired to finally actually do it! :) thanks!

i picked this book up totally at random a few years ago, and i absolutely LOVE it! don't know anyone else who's read it, though (or even heard of it, for that matter), so it was fun to see it mentioned here :) sort of in the same spirit - well, there's illustrations and ├╝bersmart kids in both, at least - is reif larsen's "the selected works of t.s. spivet", which i also adored.
i actually just started reading a book that gives me the same vibes (so far, at least), "the evolution of calpurnia tate" by jaqueline kelly.

You might like "Ursula Under" by Ingrid Hill. I am into British historical fiction right now... Guinevere, Elizabeth I, and Isolde. I can't help it. I have ovaries.

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