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February 7, 2011


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That sandwich looks deliciousss. I'm so hungry, I wish I was eating it right now!

Congrats on the new RV website. <3

Two of my favorite things...why did I never think to do this?!? Must try soon. Also the RV site is so nice.

mmm looks delish! I can only eat green apples (the others always disappoint)but it seems they are out of season down here in NZ:( as I can't find any!

Wowsers! Okay Ms. Emma...I think I'm vowing to boycott your blog for sure because you just post stuff that I would love to eat but A. I don't have the ingredients and have to run to the store B. I'm too lazy to make posted amazingness. or C. It's Monday and it's the first day of my diet...Oh boy... Dilemmas. Dilemmas!

You are my personal hero. Cheese? Fruit? Carbs? All at once? And you're beautiful and have an awesome job to BOOT?!

Please come to Phoenix and be my bff. Thanks!

My favourite sandwiches are strawberry jam :D

Yummy!! Just think how amazing this same combo would be in Puff Pastry.

oh those just look so good! i have to branch out and try other cheeses besides swiss and havarti! haha!

That could make my tummy happy. Are you a sandwich dipper? If so, do you have any suggestions?

I love grilled cheese and making interesting new combos - this sounds like a great idea, I can't wait to try it out for myself soon! Thanks for sharing!

YUM! I made one with you use mayo as the fat to grill the sandwiches or just plain butter? I think mayo is a wonderful fat to use...

That recipe makes me think of Chuck from Pushing Daisies...

I couldn't agree with you more! And thanks for the blog award! I'm just thrilled to receive this award from you. I'll be sure to keep this blog an interesting place for my awesome readers, such as yourself, to keep coming back to!

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Hey I attempted to e-mail you about this post that i have a few inquires but cant seem to achieve ...

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