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February 9, 2011


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They look delicious! I'm almost sad I already made chocolate chip cookies yesterday..

Oh these look good. I'm going to bake these at the weekend! I love the plate they are on also!! Where is it from?


They look so yummy! Especially with the milk :D

we must've been on the same wavelength. I made huge double chocolate cookies last night! The craving hit, and I hit my mixer.

Those to me sound better than a box of chocolates.

I bet these would be good with some cayenne and chipotle powder. I'm currently obsessed with spicy chocolate. :)

DUDE! I totally saw these on her blog a few days ago and made them for my superbowl party-they were amazing!!! good choice. :)

recipes and wit, I love it! you hadn't featured these babies without that glass of milk, I may have just thought..."Hmm...Cool..I want to try this sometime.." But the milk is a deal maker...I must try them! Looks super yum-oh!
Thanks for sharing Ms. Emma!

Those look delicious! They remind me a lot of some cookies at my aunt and uncle's bakery.

Regardless of how humiliating this is, I feel I need to share something. I just made this recipe and I was pretty upset because the "cookies" were more like very dry, fat, cakey-brownie things. I do not like my creation. I got back on here to see if I had missed some trick or something and it turns out I did, in fact, miss QUITE a huge thing. This recipe calls for 1/3 cup cocoa. NOT the 3 CUPS I PUT IN. Oh the humiliation!

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