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January 6, 2011


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Ooooh, me likey!

I love your new makeover, you're pulling the style together perfectly!

I know this is your food blog, but I'd love to see more outfit posts :)

I hope you do these posts often. I'm loving it.

your outfits rocks! love everything about it! that necklace is super cute, where did you get it? and yes i am a little jealous of the yarn in your hair, i have tried that look and i don't think i can pull it off the way you do! go lady!


I have that bag in black and I love it :) ps you look adorable :)

You look lovely! And super cozy too!

yes to that 70's cardigan!!!

ok, i simply ADORE your new fresh look, and the red of this outfit looks amazing on you!!

LOVE the sweater and the yarn in your hair is adorable. :)

Love the makeover - you always looked pretty, but the new look is stunning.

I adore your outfit.
Your new hair really brightens up your entire look and highlights your natural beauty. ROck it girl

Pretty outfit! And I love the new camera bag! :)

such a gorgeous outfit, you look lovely :)


Emma, you are so gorgeous! I'm loving your new platinum locks (especially styled with the yarn!) So lovely. And great outfit too! :)

Awesome bag - I LOVE my Jo Totes camera bag. Seriously fantastic.

You look fab!

you are absolutely gorgeous emma :)
Love your hair!


gorgeous! i'll definitely have to try out the yarn in the hair!

you look totally beautiful!!

I seriously enjoy all of it.

you are such a beauty. seriously. and i love what you have done on your own after this makeover! you picked the perfect era/styling for you! love...

The sweater is perfect. The simple threads of red weave together beautifully!

You look totally gorgeous... but you always do. When I showed Johnny your makeover photos he said, "She has Sookie (True Blood) hair!" It was a (Johnny-style) compliment. <3

your outfit is so amazing, and i loved your makeover photos! i've alllwayyss wanted red cowgirl boots! hope i'll be lucky a thrift shop some day.:)

You radiate beauty.

You look so cute! And I love that camera bag!

Yay! You should definitely keep up posting your outfits! I love your coat; you look super cute.

All the best wishes to you for 2011, Emma! :D


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