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January 25, 2011


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that looks yummy and super easy.

Sounds delicious! I love black bean soup but sometimes it's hit or miss... this sounds like a great recipe, can't wait to try it!

mmmm Looks super delicious! Going to try it!

I've always loved black beans, but never tried making soup with them. I gotta try now. Also cant wait for the scone recipe :)

EMMA! You are my personal savior right now. I am 9 weeks pregnant, starving with an empty fridge about to eat my 4 year old's left over mac n' cheese when low and behold, you post this!
My baby bump and I are forever indebted to you!

I made this for dinner! iT WAS WONDERFUL!

this recipe looks a lot like my go-to black bean soup recipe, i freakin love the stuff. could eat it all day every day. yup. only difference is i add a bit of cumin. it really gives it a nice flavor.

xoxo lizzie

I have those bowls! Haha

this is so very good! I added a can of tomatoes the second time i made it... so so good!

from scratch ???? open 2 to 3 cans???

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