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January 28, 2011


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Gorgeous! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I've been meaning to try my hand at a homemade cupcake stand. Your glass stand is really stunning.

Wow! This is so cute!

i'm so loving that stand!
now i'm on a mission to find some goods at the market tomorrow to make one of my own.
thank you x

This is precious!

Oh I love these! My Mom hosts a Valentines luncheon every year for just the girls and these would be perfect!! Thanks for the tutorial:)

Cute! I just did the same thing for my wedding a couple of weeks ago by siliconing glass plates to chunky glass candleholders to make large cake stands. I love your little delicate cupcake stand though!

So cute! I just made some single cupcake stands from mini candle holders. I've had my eye out for fun plates and cups to make bigger stands. :)

Hey, I met you the other day in the red velvet store. I had the most adorable lil girl with me. you might remember... I didn't know you had a blog! but I found it yesterday and I so tried making jalapeno and peper jack scones. AH-mazing.

Very very cute!! I've made the larger cake stands but never thought of the little individual cupcake stands....sooo darling!

Saw this and thought of you :)

very cute, though the words ashtray and cupcake in the same sentence are a bit nauseating.

That is so cute! The cupcake looks great on it.
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