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January 18, 2011


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this place looks wonderful :)

I wish I lived close wouldn't take much to talk my husband into taking me to a place that specializes in both bikes AND coffee! :)

I LOVE The Hub. Joe and Jason are so nice, and their coffee is the best. Although my favorite is probably The Coffee Ethic (but I am partial because I work there). The Hub is a very close second for me.

If nothing else, go to see the adorable Penelope. :)Megan and Brittany (the wifes) are very crafty as well. They are good friends of mine.

thanks for the shout out, emma! we're so glad you make our shop a weekly stop. p.s.- i think your blog is super cute!

I've heard about this place and it seems awesome!

YAY for good coffee!

Bethany-I totally agree, The Coffee Ethic is really wonderful too! There are actually lots of really great local coffee shops in Springfield, lucky town. :) Also, nice to meet you!

Megs-thank you! i felt like blushing when i saw your comment. :)

Here in Providence, RI we have a super awesome bicycle shop called The Hub <3

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