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January 26, 2011


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I'm going to try this combo over the weekend!

gah now all i want to do is go home and make SCONES! savory and sweet ones! the best part is you can usually freeze the dough once you cut it into pieces and just cook a few at a time. i never do this, but you COULD :)

OMG. This looks delicious! I must leave in seeds, though, I must!

this looks so good!
just a quick question, what is half and half?

I'm a huge fan of savory pastries and these look like no exception! Yum!

Jacci Hall- "half and half" is a type of cream. it is commonly used in coffee. it is like heavy whipping cream but not quite as... well, heavy. :)

Hi Emma!

I have been trying out a few of your recipies recently, I hate cooking and am trying to be less scared of the kitchen! Thankyou for helping with your recipies.

I made some biscuits (the ones you piped out) I tried piping them but it was way too thick and disaster struck. They turned out alright, although any biccies I made always taste funny..

I have a question.. I want to make the veggie burgers you posted from June 9th, but you didn't mention how best to cook them? Oven? Grill? Fry? And how long you found worked best, from fresh and frozen.. It would be very helpful if you manage to reply in time for my hunger striking! I'm going to blog about my cooking adventures and link back if that's dandy with you?

Thanks Emma, keep baking!


hahaah! I typed reci-PIES!
Love those pies.

It looks amazing... too bad I'm on a detox right now :D

P.S: I'm having an "I {heart} MY BLOG" giveaway which I bet you'd love! :D

Oh, gosh. That looks so good. Coincidentally, we have all the ingredients in our refrigerator. Must be a sign.

Hi emma,

I've been trying to contact you for a while but I don't see an e-mail anywhere :( One of my dreams is to open a cozy little cupcakery and I have tons of questions. I've been doing my research and I tend to get discouraged with all the big cupcake stores like "sprinkles" that are popping up everywhere and I wanted to know how you did it!? I've been following your and your sister's blog for a while and I absolutely love what you guys are doing. Hope to hear from you

Love, Naomi

Yum!!! I think you should organize your recipes on the side by food category. :) Also, did you ever post a dutch oven bread recipe? I thought you did but could not find it? I got one for Christmas and have been dying to try bread!

Oh, I loved these.............. They are so good......................Please make more!

BIKER SCONES!! You crack me up, girl.

These sound truly amazing! I need to try these! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

this looks so delicious - it reminds me of damper, an Australian bread. you bake it in the hot coals of a bonfire. i would love to try it with this, but i don't think we have pepper jack cheese here. what could i substitute to get the same taste?

So, so, so good! Thumbs up from me and my husband. I will definitely be making these again.

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