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January 30, 2011


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Well, I think your sweater is awesome! Those glasses are super cute on you too!

The sweater is definitely ugly-pretty and not ugly-ugly. Plus, I love it when random people compliment me... doesn't it just feel really awesome when a stranger likes something enough to articulate it?

I agree with Ashley. Both the sweater and glasses are rockin'! :) I also like your glittery TOMS. I am currently waiting for a new pair to come in the mail and I cannot wait!

definetly awesome cool sweater! and Bill Crosby way is the best kind of way (;

I really love your glasses. Are they vintage or could you share the designer? I am currently looking around for new frames. Thanks :)

just discovered your blog. what a lovely find :)

I love the glasses! I think that even if my eye-sight were perfect, I'd still want to wear glasses. They are the perfect accessory to change an outfit. Yours are pretty bad ass...

jeny- my glasses are "Andie Macdowell" I got them at Wal-mart. Pretty swanky, huh? :)

you are so cute! i love that sweater!

when it comes to potentially ugly, potentially awesome pieces of clothing, it's all about the styling, and yours is spot on! love the frames too :)

you are officially my hero of the day for:
1) using bill cosby as a style inspiration
2) pulling it off.
i think im gonna go watch some 80's tv- besides life is always a little better when your dancing on the edge of crazy.

I LOVE your sweater! And I can't believe you got your glasses at Walmart...Need to make a trip there soon!

Love this look! Can't go wrong with Cosby. :)

I love the sweater. it actually reminds me of something my mom would have worn back in the day. but like in a good vintagey way not a bad mom sweater way :)

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