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January 31, 2011


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These look delicious!

Okay, this is in response to the comment you left on my blog like a month and a half ago. Actually, exactly a month and a half ago:

It WAS fun meeting you and Elsie! I was so bummed that we forgot to buy one of your cupcakes. I would have loved to sink my teeth in one!

Also, the earrings weren't from me!! They were from my friend Julianne, or I don't think she thought you'd be there, otherwise she would have sent you some! She loves sharing :)

I am such a slacker, I still haven't posted about my trip to Kansas (and MO)!! I started working on it on Friday, but didn't finish. Where does the time go?! Anyways, hope you're doing well!



you make me wish i could cook.

the hummingbird haps

EMMA your killing me with the cheese!

I miss cheese some days, then you post these posts! ahahah

Ever made vegan baked goods?

I hate to be the grammar police but it's y'all instead of ya'll. I realized this small mistake a few years ago and I lived in South Louisiana my entire life! (naturally y'all is one of my main vocabulary words)

This recipe looks divine! I never would have imagined apples go well with gruyere.. can't wait to try this one out! Thanks as always!

ZOMG that looks so so so so amazing! I think gruyere is my favorite cheese so I can't wait to try this recipe out. It counts as a serving of fruit since there's apples in there, right? RIGHT?!

Was this more savory or more sweet? I think I'm going to have to try these. My husband loves cheese and the little girl in my life loves apples. It might be a match made in heaven. :)

These look delicious - I can't wait to try baking some!

Ooh, these look sooooo good. You're so creative...
Love meeting fellow food bloggers!

I WILL be making these. Also, thanks for the water in the muffin cup tip. I have scorched way to many pans!

Oh man...muffins, apples, and cheese are like the best foods ever. I can't even imagine how good those are.

Ooh they look lovely! When I was younger I used to eat slices of apple with slices of cheese and loved it, so these must be divine!


Samantha x

oh my goodness - YES! throw in some wine too.

Oh. My. Lord. Ever since I watched "Pushing Daisies" and saw the pies with cheese baked in the crust, I've been dying to make something of the sort. I think I found the solution. These look amazing! Thanks for the recipe :)

These look scrumptipous! my (American) boyfriends has totally converted me into melting cheese onto apple pie, so these little babies are the next logical step! one question (for a UK baker): how much does a stick of butter weigh?!! Our butter does not come in sticks, but my fella has explained to me that yours does, and I am jealous :(

I actually tried this recipe, and DUDE, were they amazing! I took them to my workplace and everyone said they were delicious! All props to you girl! Best muffins I've ever made. Fo realz.

I have a habit of maximizing the healthiness of recipes and I made this with whole wheat flour and used half butter, half olive oil and 2 apples, I also added 1/4 cup of milk (since the whole wheat flour is super absorbent) they were delish! Thanks for the recipe!

I made these muffins last night - and wow, they are amazing! But the only change I would make to the recipe is I'd probably use two granny smith apples (I'm from the UK and our apples are small!) and two eggs (same goes with our eggs).


Suddenly, I'm craving for these muffins NOW!

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