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January 7, 2011


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Ha ha! That is what sisters are for, right? Knowing it tastes like Captain Crunch is some dangerous knowledge!

I still haven't tried this one but I want to! Looks delicious!

And I LOVE your hair!!

that is EXACTLY what i told my husband it tasted like this summer when i tried it!

Ahh I envy your sisterly loves.
I have a little brother......ten years younger than me.

Haha, I hate Starbucks and coffee/food chains in general; but these pics are absolutely adorable :).


You look so good, Emma! I LOVE your hair!

Not happy with you right now......we are going to be neck deep in snow by morning and I'm going to have to treck out for a Captain Crunch frape ;)

Next time tell them to add a few scoops of chocolate chips - then you get a li'l crunch in there! Best part of managing my own Barnes & Noble cafe was making up different frap recipes!

i remember the first time one of my co-workers made this when i worked @ starbucks! i thought, "there's no way it tastes like cap'n crunch!" -- *totally* does! <3


one of my very favorite drinks. :)

A friend of mine used to work at starbucks, and she'd figure out all kinds of concoctions. She used to make me a 'captain crunch' all the time :)

Breakfast in a glass!
I used to make a lot of black eyed chais for myself when I worked in a coffee house. 2 shots of espresso mixed with Oregon chai and milk. Coffee and tea.

I love your perspective on this!

I love Starbucks.
I love captain crunch frapps.
I love your blonde hair.
I'm in a loving mood, what can I say. ;)

It was so good to meet you yesterday! I hope to make it down to the shop a few more times before we move. Thanks again for being so inspiring!
Micalah (Mackenzie ;))

*sigh* you are my total hair hero right now, and that looks sooo yummy!


yeah so i feel like i've totally been missing out. i just now started reading your blog. and yeahhh. i HAVE missed out. this is amazing. and delish. and superamazing. (i know i said it twice. emphasis.)
anyway. loved it so much...i had to link you on my own blog
keep up the good work. and keep wearing that fannntastic sweater!
you make me want to cook, and cook well.

PS. i would marry captain crunch. i think, perhaps, captain crunch should be the next flavour of the month. who knows.

You should make the cupcake version of this!

that's a happy mistake!

I HAVE to try this! And yes, it is totally acceptable to have a drink that's taller than your head ;) x

now if they had one that tastes like lucky charms i would be in heaven.

Dear Emma,

You do not know what you have started with the captian crunch frappes. About 7 months ago I moved to Vienna and after reading this blog I hiked to the closest Starbucks and asked them for it. Not only did I get weird stares for about 30 seconds but after explaining what it is supposed to taste like everyone behind the counter made extra to try.

May I say it tastes absolutly delicious and I have a new favorite. I can't pass a Starbucks without wanting to ordering another.


I just tried this last night.
Favorite. Drink. Ever. Love this.
Thanks for the idea!

Yum. I get a slightly different version (because I need the coffee)... coffee frap, add strawberry & 2 pumps toffee nut (3 if it's a grande). Mmmmmmm.

Do you know the pumps you need to order to make it taste correctly? Or do you just always say, "Add toffee nut"? I used to work at a Starbucks and I WISH someone would have told me this drink existed back then... sounds so good.

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