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January 20, 2011


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It looks fantastic, Em! So happy that you treated yourself for your birthday!

Your tattoo looks beautiful! :) I like the idea of combining the red velvet lettering with kitchenware! Looks great!

So awesome! And it looks so great:)


It's so pretty! Happy Birthday! :)

it's perfect! Did Jamison do it? I really love it Emma, it's looks so so good on you. I love the placement.

I'm looking forward to my 25th! So happy for you. :)
xo holly

Such a beautiful tattoo! oh and Happy Early Birthday, we're birthday buddies!

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it! I think it looks so great. Happy birthday!

Yay! Pretty! I love the colors!

It's adorable! As if I wasn't already craving more ink... you've pushed me over the edge. ;) Looks great on you!

LOVE the tattoo! I've been wanting to get one about that size on my wrist and I keep wimping out because of the pain. You are my inspiration :) Happy almost birthday!

xo. m

happy early birthday! your tattoo is beautiful!!! i also think its super awesome that you use the word "ya'll" by the way, seeing as how I am a texas gal haha.

great tattoo emma! and such a cute outfit, you match your tattoo.

You SO have to wear that outfit every day because it matches SO well!

Pretty, love!

crap. i promised myself no more tattoos (3 at this point) for a few years. I got 3 in 3 years. I was on a roll. a dangerous one.
but now i am getting the itch, especially after seeing yours.

I adore your tattoo!!! So cute! Happy Birthday sweetie, I love all your work on the blog! Keep up the good work! xxx

that is so cute, and great that it's something so meaningful to you! (i'm sure most people who get tattoos get something that means something to them, but sometimes it just seems like people were momentarily insane... or just really, really drunk. so what i'm saying seems to be that i believe you're both sane and sober... yeah. that sounded better in my head, somehow? weird.)
i'm so with some of the others who commented, though, that's really inspiring, and i can't wait to get that tattoo that i've been meaning to get for ages!

Love the tattoo!
I would like to send you an email. Is there a way I can contact you rather than a comment on here?

happy birthday. hope it is a great one.

Happy birthday! Your tattoo looks so beautiful, I love the colours!

You inspired me to dye my hair blonde last week (it went wayyy orange in the inbetween stages! Haha there's pictures on my blog) and I'm really happy with my new look so thank you for inspiring me!


Happy Birthday, you old lady! :) Ha! Just kidding. But, I do LOVE the tattoo, and the outfit, and the whole look. You're gorgeous and hilarious and I hope that this year is even better than the last!

WHOA. I love your tattoo so much! That's the spot I have mine - and I love it! Happy Birthday!

Ellie- you can email anytime. emma AT redvelvetart DOT com

Congrats! The pain is worth it! Although I still need to add color to my chest piece and have been hurts!

I could not love it more!! the colours are great!!!

i love it, the colors, design, everything!

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