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December 20, 2010


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I loved this so much EMMA. You are adorable. I love that you talk to yourself too!! <3

Fun video, very enjoyable to watch.
I've never liked sushi either, though sometimes they look like they might taste good cooked with some nice spices.
I do remember that episode of the magic school bus. It was such a creative learning show. Interesting situations and places.

oh how cute are you!

p.s. i love sushi, i think vancouver is pretty similar to LA in that respect. there are almost as many sushi restaurants here as there are starbucks :D

I loved your video! You are lovely. I am vegetarian and I don't think it's difficult too.

Cool video! You are in the shop, which is also neat. And I feel the same way about cupcakes, no favorites.

Aw I loved your video - such a natural! Really informative too. Am heading over to scour through your recommended websites now!

I love the way you translate from written word to your vloging:) You can tell you're comfortable talking with an audience.

PS...I always found it strange that I'm a vegetarian but I totally love watching cooking shows like Paula Deen (who loves her meat). I felt a little guilty that I still watched those shows, but now that I'm not the only one, I feel okay;) lol.

Love it! You should do more video're so good at it!

I love your accent!

Ok so I just checked out who Paula Dean is...and I just found a recipe for Irish Creme on her website. You have done me a gret favour today :)

That was so cute! Thanks for putting that together! :)

Aww you're so cute, I loved watching this, it was so much fun!

This was so good, Emma! I love that you talk in the same stream-of-consciousness way that you blog, and your voice is very pleasant to listen to. More vlogs, please!

(Also, I've been a vegetarian for almost 10 years now and I totally agree that it's not as hard as people think!)

haha. love the video. and your humor!

Hahha You're a cutie pie!!

Yes! I own that Magic School bus on VHS still! So good!

Merry Christmas!


emma! this was so great! i think you should vlog more. :D

Loved this video! You're so cute! :D

I totally remember that episode! I loved that show.

Very nice video! I love reading your blog. :)

Great Q and A!
I'm a big fan of Paula too. Just add a stick of butter ya'll!
Have you ever read A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg? It's one of my favorites.

Hi Emma!

Have you ever seen the world community cookbooks? There's one called More With Less, but I think you'd like Simply In Season. It divides the book into sections for each season so you cook with what you have during that time. It's really great!

Loved the vlog :)

Will you STOP being so adorable and funny? Geesh.
P.s. Your mention of "The Magic School Bus"... yes. Yes. Yes!

i LOVED watching this. i'm at work giggling to myself at my desk, looking like a crazy.
but the best quote of the whole thing is definitely: "Wow sugar looks crazy close up!"
thanks for sharing!

Sushi...always have wondered what the draw is for that...glad I'm not the only "non-sushi" in the family :) See you Santa day!-Aunt Karin

your hat is so cute! did you make it? i've been looking for cute hat patterns to make.

loved your video, too. you're so adorable =)

Thank you for making a video! :) Yay, please do more, you are hilarious. I was cracking up just about the whole time, i love your sense of humor!

emma, it's such a pleasure hearing you talk, you've got such a comforting voice and way of talking!

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