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December 22, 2010


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I made something similar to this for a brunch once, but it involved ricotta and marmalade. It was all kinds of divine. :-)

Hi I use to mix up the jam with some Tabasco - I love it!

There is a secret trick to opening jars, because I can never open them either. if you take a butter knife and push the blade part up between the jar and the lid as far as it can go, and rotate the knife (like twist your wrist, it will loosen the seal and you will hear the pop of it breaking the seal. Try it, it's awesome!!

I forgive you for your multiple Brie posts. It gives me something to look forward know, besides the baby. :)

This is delish!!

About that jam...if you hold the jam lid under hot running water for a few minutes, the metal of the lid will expand, making it easier to open.

mmmm! these look so amazing. i want to make them with a ton of different flavor combos!

xo.anna marie

AS long as you don't post about Gorgonzola... I WANT THE GORGONZOLA SO BADLY!

Like Bekka said.. the baby will be worth it! (But the cheese sounds SO good.. *drool*)

Mmmmm, delicious.

it's funny how things change their names from a place to another!
Italians call TOAST the typical pain carré sandwich (2 slices), which contains ham & cheese!we use to cook it in a sandwich maker to get it crunchy, and make cheese become softer!
I must admit that I bought a weird sandwich maker just 2 days ago...
here you can see what I mean..
what you posted is what we call CROSTINO!and it's what I had this morning for breakfast(without brie...but you gave me a superyummy idea I cannot wait to try!)

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