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December 8, 2010


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They look so simple but also so simply perfect for snacking or spicing up.

Haha, you ARE funny!

I want to have crackers and cheese, but it's a public holiday and all the grocery store in my close to my house are close, grrr. It's Virgin Mary's Day, in case you were curious, hehe.

Just so you know, I think you're pretty funny too. And I'm not hitting on you or anything!

haha. i love crackers and one time my roommate told me I should make my own crackers. I laughed at her like it was impossible. well you have proven me wrong. thanks. :)

funniest post ever emma! i seriously love how you let your personality shine through your blog.

Oh I love that now I can know exactly what my kids are getting in their crackers! Well... if I muster up the gumption to make some!

Is it weird that I never ever thought that it was possible to make a cracker? I'm impressed, too. :)

hahah. I think you are really funny. like i laughed out loud at your spelling mistake thing. thats the sort of things I say cause i think im that funny. ;)

going to make these for the boyfriend tomorrow. Thank you very much for the how-to!

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