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December 23, 2010


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you are hilarious!!!


I love the videos! Keep 'em coming!

Emma- It was so great to meet you and Elsie sister and I had a great time in your shop!

And I love your videos...I can see why you like Emma Stone! Also, Easy A was hilarious and you'd love it, I think!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, after reading your blogs, it was like meeting celebrities :-)

PS As the pickiest of cupcake critics, my sister and I agreed that your cupcakes were the best we've ever eaten!

oh my gosh, i just love you. :)

uh, yeah.. more vlogs. i really enjoy your personality.

you are my new favorite person.

Hannah Bagnall-it was great meeting you and your sister too! you are so sweet:)

Emma, you are too cute! I was a silent demander of more adorable Q&A's, so yay! Also, since you brought up book recommendations, have you read David Sedaris's Holidays On Ice? It is a silly, funny holiday read, and I definitely recommend it!

Emma, I truly enjoyed this video! You seem like such a sweetheart, and I loved all the info about you!

Merry Christmas!

haha you are awesome :P (kinda blushing to say something like that)

i love your sense of humour!

I've never been to your site before, but this was a good introduction to you and your site.. which I will definitely be reading more of in the future. I too love books, vintage clothes (I think that's what is in the background), and tasty foods.

Love these videos. :)

Haha these videos make me wanna hang out with you! Congrats on going back to school & good luck. I'm excited to see the new blog makeover! & oh man... I love to read. I find new books by going on amazon and clicking "I own this" on books that I've recently read & enjoyed, and then I find a ton of similar books. I could spend hours on Amazon... love getting to read the first few pages of books on there. (And it's nice because we don't have a "big" bookstore in our city.)

Loved this!
Made me smile!

You remind me of Dory from Finding Nemo- in a good way. :)And without the short-term memory loss... and you're not a fish.

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